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With a Chick
Image by Jason Leung
Image by Daniel Tuttle

Foster a Chick – a spring seasonal special

Participants take a pair of baby chicks home to care for and then return to the farm after a couple weeks.

Every spring 350 Farms orders bunches and bunches of day old chicks which we raise for broilers and laying hens.

These cute and fluffy chicks will be available to those who want to experience watching chicks grow and develop, which they do very quickly.

Over the course of the two weeks, each will grow from fist-sized to about four times as large, and from down-covered to mostly feathered. Some may even be ready to practice flying when the 14 days are over.

**If you decide to extend your experience beyond the  2 weeks you will need to buy their feed from us. We give you enough for 2 weeks so be sure to watch wastage:)  


*There is no additional charge if a bird dies in your custody. Many times we can replace the chick.




Cost: $30. Participants foster two chicks for two weeks, watching them grow from hand-size to about four times larger. Teachers, schools and families are common participants.

We Provide: A transport box, 2 chicks and two weeks’ supply of food.

You Provide: a food dish, fresh water in a water dish, and a warm, protected place for your chicks and a                         box or bin to be their home for while at your home. 

                         *Warmth may be provided by a heat lamp or incandescent light bulb set up near the box.

When: Pick up is April  7th from 4pm - 6pm or April 8th 10am-12pm .   

            Return is April 21st from 2pm - 6pm or April 22nd 9am - 12pm

            ** Pick up or Returns outside of these windows requires a written agreement with 350 Farms .

Where: Chicks must be picked up at the farm, 43101 Twp Rd 640, MD of Bonnyville and returned to the                farm thereafter.

              Delivery may be arranged for $10 charge within Cold Lake or Bonnyville.  You must be home for                delivery.

Reservations: Use our  Online Store. to pay online to reserve your chicks.


What kinds of chicks are available?

  • yellow chicks - broilers  - April 4th hatch and onwards monthly

  • Colored chicks - future laying hens - Late April/ early May hatch - reserve now - limited quantities

  • yellow ducklings - not available currently due to shortage. We will let folks know if ducklings do become available.

Duckings? Really? 

YES. If you thought chicks were cute wait till you see the ducklings. Everything is the same for the ducklings, except you will also want to provide them with a small dish of water to splash in.  Ducklings will be about 1 week old when you receive them but still small, cute and full of fluffy down.  Being a little older gives them a healthy start in order to be ready to go to your home.

DID YOU WANT TO FOSTER DUCKLINGS but we are sold out?  We recommend fostering chicks first to get on the duckling waitlist for the next year.

Do you offer Foster a Chick later in the year?
Yellow chicks may be offered monthly from April to Aug, but the only time we guarantee the program is available is April and May. .  

I wanted ducklings! Can I still get a pair?
We recommend that you foster a pair of chick this year.  You will automatically be added to our First Notice List for next year.  Priority is given to those who have ordered previously.

What if I want to purchase my chicks? 

While yellow chicks ( Cornish cross) should not be pets they are destined to become tasty chicken. We do not recommend them for pets and they are not suitable as laying hens. 


There may be an option to purchase your chicks, but please do your research. Local by law may require a coop to be of certain specifications and that you cannot have roosters. Many laying hen breeds cannot be sexed at hatching and therefore some chicks fostered may be cockerels in waiting.  Additional fees will apply to purchase chicks (future laying hens) to keep as your pets. The cost is an additional $20 a bird. Remember, we cannot sex most breeds so purchasing is at your own risk of receiving a boy instead of an egg laying girl.

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