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With a Chick
Image by Jason Leung
Image by Daniel Tuttle

Foster a Chick – a spring seasonal special

🌱 Spring Into Adventure with 350 Farms' Chick Foster Program! 🐥

Ever dreamt of bringing a little bit of the farm life into your home? Well, now's your chance! This spring, 350 Farms is inviting families to embark on a unique journey: fostering a pair of adorable baby chicks for a couple of weeks.

Why Join? Every year, we welcome bunches of day-old chicks destined to become either broilers or laying hens. This season, we're offering you the opportunity to foster these cute, fluffy chicks, providing a hands-on experience in watching them grow and develop at lightning speed!

In just two weeks, your chick pair will transform right before your eyes. Starting off the size of your fist, they'll grow up to four times larger and swap their soft down for a more mature, feathered look. You might even catch them gearing up for their first flight attempts as they prepare to return to the farm!

Thinking of Keeping the Adventure Going? If you find yourself not ready to say goodbye after two weeks, you're welcome to extend the experience. We provide enough feed for the initial period, so remember to manage it carefully to avoid wastage. Should you wish to continue, additional feed is available for purchase from us.

Worry-Free Fostering: We understand that accidents happen, and there's no extra charge if a chick doesn't make it under your care. In many cases, we can even offer a replacement chick.

Embrace the joy of spring and the wonder of growth with this enriching experience. It's a perfect way for your family to connect with nature and learn more about the fascinating life cycle of chickens.

Ready to be part of this fluffy adventure? Visit us at [insert website link] to sign up and for more details on how to bring home your foster chicks.

Let's make this spring unforgettable with new feathery friends! 




Cost: $25. Participants foster two chicks for two weeks, watching them grow from hand-size to about four times larger. 

We Provide: A transport box, 2 chicks and two weeks’ supply of food.

You Provide: a food dish, fresh water in a water dish, and a warm, protected place for your chicks and a box or bin to be their home for while at your home. 

*Warmth may be provided by a heat lamp or incandescent light bulb set up near the box.

When: Pick up is March 28th from 4pm - 6pm or March 29th 10am-12pm .   

            Return is April 12th from 2pm - 6pm or April 13th from 9am - 12pm

            ** Pick up or returns outside of these windows requires a written agreement with 350 Farms .

Where: Chicks must be picked up at the farm, 43101 Twp Rd 640, MD of Bonnyville and returned to the farm thereafter. Delivery may be arranged for $10 charge within Cold Lake or Bonnyville.  You must be home for delivery.

Reservations: Use our  Online Store. to pay online to reserve your chicks.


Available Chicks for Foster Program

What kinds of chicks are available?

  • Yellow Chicks: These are broilers, available for fostering. They are the classic, fluffy yellow chicks that many associate with springtime.

  • Colored Chicks: Intended to grow into future laying hens. Unfortunately, they are not available for Easter.

  • Yellow Ducklings: We're experiencing a shortage at the moment and cannot offer ducklings for fostering. However, we'll update our community if this changes.

Ducklings? Really?

Yes, indeed! Ducklings offer a unique and adorable fostering experience. Similar to chicks, ducklings require care, with the addition of a small dish of water for them to splash in. They are about a week old when they join your family, ensuring they're healthy and ready for a loving temporary home.

Interested in Ducklings but They're Sold Out?

We suggest starting with fostering chicks to get your name on the duckling waitlist for next year. This approach gives you priority and a wonderful experience in the meantime.

Fostering Opportunities Beyond Easter

Yellow chicks may be available for fostering from April to August. However, the Easter period is the only time we guarantee availability for the Foster a Chick program.

I Wanted Ducklings! What Can I Do?

Foster a pair of chicks this year to be automatically added to our First Notice List for ducklings next year. Previous participants receive priority for fostering.

Purchasing Your Foster Chicks

While fostering offers a temporary care experience, purchasing is an option with considerations:

  • Yellow Chicks (Cornish Cross): Not recommended as pets due to their broiler destiny. They are not suitable as laying hens.

  • Purchasing Chicks: There's a possibility to purchase chicks intended to grow into laying hens, with an additional fee of $20 per bird. However, it's important to note that sexing is challenging at the hatching stage, and there's a risk of ending up with roosters. Make sure to check local bylaws regarding coop specifications and restrictions on roosters.

Before deciding to purchase, we encourage thorough research to ensure compliance with local regulations and to understand the care requirements for potential laying hens or the reality of raising broilers.

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