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Helping Hands Bulk Pork

This  helping hand bulk purchase is being offered as a way to help out one of our customers who has suffered a great loss in their family yesterday. While I assured them we were happy to cancel their order with absolutely no penalty and full refund - we felt compelled to do more.


The pork on offer has been specifically raised with this family in mind. It consists of 3 adult large framed Tamworth's, 6 young smaller framed Tamworth's and 2 Kunekune barrows

All have been raised on a no soy, no corn, non GMO grain and 100% full access to over 10 acres of pasture land. They have led happy and healthy lives with no hormones', antibiotics or other additives.

The result is great tasting pork that has deep color and rich flavor.  It literally melts in your mouth when its cooked right!

All pigs are processed at a small family run  fully inspected facility.

We are offering hauling, custom cut sheet sessions, pick up and delivery - FOR FREE.

In addition, any profits (after we recoup our production costs) will be put in this families online store account so they can purchase meat when they are ready at no cost. 

Plus, all buyers will get either a complimentary 1 or 2 night glamping stay for helping make this possible. 

What are you purchasing?

You're purchasing either a whole , half, quarter of a live pig which we help turn into meat for your families freezer.


The processing date is Jan 10th.

Fresh cuts only will be available around 5 - 7 days later for delivery

Smoking and Curing are a 7-14 day delivery.

What's a whole pig?

When you put a deposit on a  whole pig - you get the entire caboodle  completely customized to your preferences We walk you through a custom cut list request so you don't have to guess. You get exactly what you want. 

A large whole Tamworth will be approximately 200 -300 pounds of meat

A Kunekune will be approximately 75- 150 pounds of meat

A small Tamworth will be approximately 75 - 150 pounds of meat

What's included in a half or quarter pig?

When you place a deposit on a half or quarter pig - we process the entire pig and divide the cuts among the purchasers. This always includes bacon, roast, steaks, ground or sausages. 

A large half Tamworth will be approximately 70 - 125 pounds of meat

A Kunekune will be approximately 50 -80 pounds of meat

A small Tamworth will be approximately 50 - 80  pounds of meat

What's My Investment?

Whole - $5.50 / lb

Half  - $5.50 / lb

**This is based off hanging weight of the pig. Hanging weight refers to the carcass as it is ready to butcher.

**This includes your basic cutting and wrapping. Smoking and Curing is an extra charge from Butcher.  

How Much meat will I get?

This depends on if you choose a whole large hog or a small large hog or a half or a quarter. 

We can work to find the best fit for you with 3 easy steps/

1. Place a deposit for a whole or half/quarter

2. In your order notes, leave your cell number and Kasey will give you a call to discuss your families needs and types of cuts you prefer

3. When your pig is processed, we will let you know the final hanging weight and confirm the cut list chosen in step 2.


4. We will schedule your delivery. Balance is due on or before delivery.

To place a deposit for this bulk pork  click here.  

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