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During our spring clean event you will receive a $75 Glamping Voucher for a SMALL box or $150  Glamping voucher  for a LARGE box to you for any tent or dome, any level or service and no black out dates plus everything below!!!!!!


Be the 1st person to order and reive 1 night of an all inclsuive stay absolutely FREE


Be one of the top 10 people to order for each size box and receive an Easter Egg.

The Easter egg that will have a surprise that may range from another glamping voucher, a free meat box, tickets to our farm to table dinner or maybe even an all inclusive weekend!


Not one of the first 10?   You will still get an Easter Egg with a very cool goody. Get ready to say WOW no matter what!


Choose from a Small or Large Box

Farmers choiuce but you are guarenteed the following:


Small Box: Guaranteed 10 pounds of meat plus EXTRAS - $75

Retail value of $152

1 Roast

1- 2 Bacon varieties (slices, dices or flavor bombs)

1 Pack Chops

1 - 2 Packs of Sausage

1 - 2 Packs of Smokies


1 Spot in an upcoming cooking class approx $100 value

2 mystery packs- don't worry they are delish approx 25 value


Large Box: Guaranteed 20 Pounds of Meat plus EXTRAS - $199

Retail value $400

Small Easter Ham - Pick up week before Easter

2 Roasts

2-3 Packs of Sausages (variety to vary)

1-2 Packs Smokies (variety to vary)

2 Bacon varieties (slices, dices or flavor bombs)

1 Pack Chops

1-2 Pack Ground 

BBQ Rib Tasters


Pepperoni Stix


2 Whole Chickens - Ready in June approx $50 value

2 Spots in an upcoming cooking class approx $100 value

Family invite to an upcoming Wood Fired Pizza Night up to a $50 value


FREE DELIVERY ON Sunday March 11th at 6pm to 8pm in Bonnyville, Ardmore, Ft Kent, Cherry Grove and Cold Lake

350 Farms Sampler

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