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Let me tell you a story... Our Story

Life often takes us down windy roads with twists , turns and dead ends. The best we can aspire to is that we end up exactly where we are supposed to be. 

That's us! And, boy do we have a story for you. It's best told in person around the camp fire or over a good meal, but I'll give you the quick version.

 I'm Kasey and my husband is Renaud. We have one pretty awesome little boy named Callen.  We currently live right outside Cold Lake, Alberta on 152 acres of paradise. 

Renaud is a fighter pilot and has been for the last 20 years! 

Kasey left her corporate consulting job to bring 350 Farms to life. Creating a  place in our community for families to reconnect with the land , to local food and to each other. 

Callen.... well Callen is just a happy little boy! Pssst... he loves to give kids tours:)


The 3  F's

Normally this would stand for Farm, Food and Fun here at 350, but in this case it stands for:

Five Fun Facts!!!!


  • Originally from Southern California - yep she's American, but don't hold it against her :)

  • Moved to Europe when she was 23

  • Raised her first market hog at 8 years old

  • Eats more Mexican food than well, any other type of food

  • She used to think -15c was cold


  • Originally from Belgium - he is fluent in French and English

  • Joined the Air Force at 18

  • Flew the F16 for 11 years before moving to Canada and the F18

  • Brews traditional Belgian Beer... and it tastes out of this world!

  • Named our Farm after his first squadron - ask him about the history...

Now we bring you Alberta's top all inclusive glamping destination on a regenerative farm.

That's right, we handle everything for you and all you need to do is show up:)Maybe bring a change of clothes', but we have everything else for you.


You've never been on a camping trip quite like this. 

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