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Community Cupboard

Designed for anyone facing tough times, needing a little extra to get by, this initiative invites you to partake in kindness, no questions asked. Reserve what you need online, and find it waiting for you at our gate box pick-up point the next morning. It's a simple, dignified way to access help when it's most needed.

How can you be a part of this circle of giving?

If you're in a position to contribute, we welcome you to purchase any item from our shop and select the option to donate it to the Community Cupboard.

Your generosity will stock the cupboard, ensuring it's always ready to support a neighbor in need. This initiative allows us to weave a stronger, more resilient community fabric, where kindness is currency, and no one has to face hard times alone. Together, we can make sure that the cupboard is never bare, offering hope and tangible support to those who walk through our gates.

Join us in making the Community Cupboard a beacon of hope and generosity, proving that small acts of kindness can indeed make a world of difference.

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