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haunted woods

A bone chilling walk through the woods. The nefarious winding trail will be sure to make your hair raise as well as make your spine tingle.

This October 350 Farms turns into the FEAR FARM

Join us in 2023 for the creepiest half mile walk in the woods you have ever taken.

Come enjoy the action, the actors, the atmosphere. This is the fall event not to miss.


Tickets must be bought ahead of time online, no ticket sales at the door.

This event will sell out. Do not miss getting your spot!


Ticket Info: 1 pass includes access to the 1/2 mile haunted woods walk.

Important: The haunted woods is designed to be family friendly, but may be best suited for 12 and above. Ultimately bringing younger guests is up to you, but be prepared to be scared. The haunted woods are very dark and terrifying; supervision is required for those under 16. 

Wicked Webs (6).png

What to Know:

  • 1 pass includes a single access to the Haunted Woods

  • Purchasing online guarantees entrance to Haunted Woods for the night that you selected. Valid ONLY for night selected.

  • Arrive early to ensure plenty of time to do the Haunted Woods. Peak nights are expected to be very busy.

  • No tickets will be sold at the door

  • Multi-Pass includes general admission + option to the Haunted Woods again and again ON THE NIGHT of the ticket ONLY.

  • No large bags or purses allowed on the farm.

  • No costumes or masks of any kind.

  • Bags and pockets will be checked at the door by security.

  • No dog allowed

  • No smoking allowed - cigarettes, vape or other

  • No wearing babies or strollers

Important Information

  • Valid ONLY for selected night for Haunted Woods Season.

  • CHECK HOURS. The Haunted Woods closes at time on ticket. Give yourself enough time to visit  the Haunted Woods. LAST  weekend of October will be VERY BUSY, arrive early to avoid missing out. NO REFUNDS.

  • Wear appropriate clothing, no high heels or sandals. Must be physically fit, no heart conditions, no pregnant women. Strobe lights are in use. The Haunted Woods trail contains uneven ground and very dark stretches

  • NO REFUNDS. All sales are final.

  • The Haunted Wood's intended audience is 10 and up. Ultimately bringing younger guests is up to you, but be prepared to be scared.

  • It is a very dark and terrifying haunted farm and we require supervision for anyone under 16 who is attending

  • No food or beverages allowed in the Haunted Woods


Come survive the haunted woods Experience! 

Ticket Types:
Twilight - Family time | Good for young children | May wear babies | No actors | Not pitch black
After Dark - Entry anytime AFTER 7pm | Suitable for children at parental discretion | VERY Dark | Actors
After 8:30pm - Entry AFTER 8:30pm only | Not recommended for younger children | VERY dark | Actors

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