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Our half hogs average 70lbs to 100lbs based on hanging weight. This includes your basic cutting and wrapping. Smoking and Curing is an extra charge from Butcher. 

Price: $5.50/lb based on hanging weight - cut and wrapped. That's 30% off our normal price Cryovac and any cure/smoke is extra.


Estimated Time  for processing is booking into April delivery.


Estimated Full Price based on basic cutting and wrapping and due upon delivery of a Half Hog: $350 to $450 plus GST on cutting and wrapping (approx additional $10-$20).


Cut out Percentage from Hanging Weight to Boxed Weight: We average anywhere from 58% to 75% depending on cut selections - for example boneless cuts will have a smaller percentage of return. We walk you through the entire process so you get the best reutrn on your investment that suits your family. 


This is a DEPOSIT ONLY - Balance due before we pick up your meat from the butcher for delivery same day.


All Half Hog depsoits do receive a voucher  for glamping EQUAL to the amount of their final order total at time of delivery!!!!!

DEPOSIT - Half Pork- Cut & Wrapped

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