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Ready for an unforgettable escape? Let’s make it legendary!

 We're a different kind of family farm 
Crafted Just For You

Regenerative| Sustainable | Net Zero Motivated | Ethical Practices | Pasture Raised | Quality of Life Focused | Experience Oriented | Educationally Curious | Inclusive | Boutique | Private | Curated Personalized Exclusive Stays

- a true sanctuary close to home- 

Megan Trifaux

“Our glamping experience at 350 Farms was beyond words. The campsite and tent were picturesque. We had fires, walked beautiful trails, checked out farm animals and then snuggled in and played cards by LED candlelight. We woke up to birds chirping and had morning coffee by the fire. We truly feel like we got away from it all.."

We're the local farm that fits your life 

Whether its joining Our Farm membership and having ethically raised pastured meat delivered right to your door or joining us for an all inclusive glamping retreat - we're here to make your life easier, right here at home. 

Partnering with a small family farms like ours makes it easy for you to get food you love & trust the farmer you know.


We offer delivery to Edmonton and NE Alberta and free pick up locations!

As the industrialization of our food system continues, the taste of our food has become increasingly bland, and it's becoming harder to find small-scale meat producers. Consequently, many individuals have lost touch with their local farmers and are unaware of the amount of effort required to cultivate their food. We strongly believe that people should have the opportunity to meet their farmers and be aware of where their food comes from. Our customers recognize the value of locally sourced food and are seeking ways to ensure that they always have access to high-quality meat from farmers they know and trust. We invite you to come stay with us, reconnect with the land, savor exceptional pasture-raised meats, and spend time with your loved ones.

Meet the heart of 350 Farms 

I'm Kasey. My husband is Renaud and our wonderful little boy is Callen.

We moved to Cold Lake in the spring of 2019. To say we fell in love with the Lakeland is an understatement. As part of the military community, it is often hard to feel like you've found your place...   

But, Cold Lake - We are home. 

We started 350 Farms many years ago...The farm has moved as we have moved. 350 Farms also found its forever home here with the purpose to create a community where our family can support your family by providing a getaway close to home, a haven for peace and relaxation and some of the best pasture raised meats around. 

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